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Clark Burnett

Clark is a film director and a junior at Yale from New Jersey studying sociology. He should probably be reading or sleeping right now. Clark started making films by running around the house with his mom's point-and-shoot camera, posting videos on YouTube. Since then, Clark has made short films and documentaries that have been screened across the country, earning recognition in such places as The Scholastic Art and Writing Competition, NH Docs, and the Library of Congress. View the rest of his work at

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J. Joseph

J. Joseph is a screenwriter and director from New Haven, Connecticut, currently studying film at Yale University. He has been involved in film since high school, collaborating with local artists on various video shorts and competing in nation wide filmmaking contests. An avid skateboarder, he has worked prominently in the New Haven skateboarding community, having directed a host of video shorts for New Haven based skateboarding brands and skateboarders. J. is now turning his attention to long-form filmmaking, writing films and working on documentary projects such as Now, In Color.



Amani serves as the publicist for Now, In Color. An English and Film & Media Studies double-major at Yale University, but a proud native of Cleveland, OH, she initially got into film by recording music videos for her older brother at the age of 12. As one of the cofounders of Twenty Lux Films, Amani has worked on multiple films with the student-run production company. With a self-proclaimed passion for the art of storytelling, Amani hopes to pursue a career in film after graduation and hopefully get back to her roots at the intersection of film and music.



Karnessia Georgetown

Karnessia serves as the producer for Now, in Color. She is in charge of recruitment, operations, and marketing. A proud native of Jackson, Mississippi, Karnessia is a junior at Yale majoring in sociology, interested in the intersection of  economics and education policy. Karnessia joined the Now, In Color team because she remembered growing up and never knowing that black students attended universities like Yale. Karnessia wishes she had something like Now, in Color as a little girl. On a larger scale, Karnessia hopes that Now, in Color will affirm the beauty of blackness and all the diversity within it.